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In this article, we investigate how to create a Twitch chatbot using node.js and tmi.js. We cover both application and theory to understand the underlying technologies while learning how to extend the examples provided into other projects.

Project Setup & Key Generation

If you haven’t download and install Node.js for your OS of choice. Create an empty folder on your system called ‘project’ or use the naming of your choice and run npm init -y to create a clean slate for your Node project.

We proceed by creating twitchscript.js in the root directory of the project directory along with a file named .env for storing…

History of a Conjunction

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Where there is an effect, there is a cause. The word ‘cause’ was borrowed from Old French into English, and has a wide variety of use cases today, but where did it come from? In this article, we explore the history and evolution of the word, ‘because’.

The nouns: ‘cause’, ‘causeway’, and ‘causerie’ inspire the sentence, ‘The cause of the blockage is a group’s prolonged causerie blocking the causeway.’ Those three words appear in order of familiarity to an English speaker. Second language learners of English will have command of ‘cause’, but unlikely causeway, ‘a raised…

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There are many words we use to describe our furry friends, each carrying its unique nuanced meaning. Even today, we are coining seemingly new ways to describe these creatures. Google Trends reports ‘doggo’ as a commonly referenced word picking up major traction in late May 2014.

Doggo isn’t as new as one may think. The Oxford Etymological Dictionary would argue that we may place its origins in the 19th Century where it would be considered a slang word to ‘remain quiet, remain hid’, with reference to the light sleeping of dogs and the difficulty of determining whether or not their…

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Writing about tech and words — and sometimes the combination of the two.

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